About us

The mission of the Hotels van Oranje is ‘service without limits’. As a professional organization we seek to offer to our guests a service as complete and personal as possible. A personal touch, exclusivity and quality are paramount in the Hotels van Oranje. As a professional organisation our goal is to offer a complete and personal product to our guests. A personal touch, exclusive and quality is our core product at the Hotels van Oranje. The wide variety of restaurants and bars, the extended wellness facility and the breath taking sea view makes the Hotels van Oranje over more then 25 years beloved by young and old!

The Hotels van Oranje was formed with the opening of the Boulevard Hotel in 1984. Five years later, in 1989, Hotel Oranje was added. Hotel Oranje has been completely renovated, in 2002, from the inside and outside. In 1993 the adjacent Beach Hotel was being adopted. Since this time the hotels carry the name of Hotels van Oranje. Hotel Oranje, the Beach Hotel and het Witte Huis are forming the Hotels van Oranje, the largest hotel along the Dutch Coast.